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The Beer Drinker's Guide To Survival

Originally published in 2003 it is currently only available through
A revised deluxe version is in the works and will be available world wide in the future.


Beer... Delicious beer... It truly is the amber nectar of the gods. On this website you will find an overabundance of advice and commentary on how to get the most out of any beer drinking experience. Whether you are pounding down beers at a kegger in the woods or pushing through a crowded club, beer drinking shouldn't be something you just do.  It should be an experience... a lifestyle.


To your average beer drinker its a distraction from the real world, but to the seasoned beer drinker it is a way of life. The web series and book will open your eyes to that world. The world of the beer drinker. The subject matter broached in the Beer Drinkers Online webisodes and contained in the pages of The Beer Drinker's Guide to Survival have been compiled from many different sources and took endless nights to amass such beer drinking knowledge. We hope we can guide you to a better understanding and appreciation of the art of beer drinking.


                                                                                       -  Jeff Bonomo   




A few years ago I had the privilege to read an advanced copy, and I found it quite amusing, can't wait to read the completed book.



I had the chance to read part of the book my friend had from Penn state a few years ago when I was there visiting him. It was hilarious and even stranger, true to the point. I freaked out when I was told by my same friend that Jeff finally finished it and got it published. Everyone should own a copy and keep it with them when they go out to party. I can’t wait to get my hands on it when it comes out in book form. H-Town represent! I look forward to more books about beer from Jeff. His TV show is hilarious too. Maybe he’ll write the Computer guide to survival with beer, or something. That show should go national! Who else but a boozer from a patch town would come up with something like this book? I remember after I read the 15 or so pages stapled together one morning I was trying to quote stuff from it all day. This book is GREAT! Funny but true.



Not being one for the bottled spirits myself, I contracted a staff to read the advanced copy I obtained on eBay. All I can say is, "Good show old boy!" Quite informative and witty. Hope there is a Tea Drinkers Guide in the works. 



Laugh OUT LOUD Funny! This book was awesome. Some things in it come from living in Pa. But is funny none the less. I actually laughed out loud! When was the last time you did THAT reading a book? I can't wait for Bonomo's next book. He has something going here. I hope he continues for many years with his book writing. One funny book by one funny guy!



Very Funny. This book may be the funniest looks into the 'life' of a 20-something beer drinker. it's not very long and won't take months to get through which makes it even better for the ADD-like college students of today. Bonomo is intelligently sharp and very witty. There are several nods and 'in jokes' to various rock bands, artists, authors, TV shows and things I don't even understand. I felt very proud to catch the 'Red Dwarf' nod. Quite a good read.


As said in a previous review, this book brings back memories from the good old drinkin' days. This is a good read. Can't wait to see what this author writes about next. Perhaps more beer stories and mishaps. The illustrations were a good touch too. Great gift idea for all beer lovers.


Okay, this book will NOT cure cancer, but it will make you laugh hard enough to forget about it for a bit. A great look at the beer, those who drink it and their surrounding environment. If you have ever enjoyed a beer, drank a beer or even held one for a friend, you WILL enjoy this book. It will bring back some long forgotten memories that perhaps are better left forgotten, but after you read this book you WILL begin telling those, "It's like that time that..." or "I had a friend like that, but he..." stories. Read it, then give it to a friend to read so you both can laugh.
Hell, discuss it over a beer. I must say Jeff did a great job with this and I hope there is more to come. When is there going to be another book signing





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